Insurance and Financial Arrangements

We are proud to provide a variety of payment arrangements for our patients.  For both pediatric or orthodontic treatment, our team will answer all your financial questions, and review fees for all services prior to performing any treatment.

Pediatric Treatment

Our pediatric dentists participate in a variety of popular dental insurances, and our team will help you maximize your benefits.  If you have questions about your benefits our team will be happy to perform a complimentary benefits, in advance of your appointment  to inform you about your coverage.  Please feel free to contact our practice with any questions at any time.

Insurance Dr Ela Jamiolkowski Dr. Leslie Ann Gazdeck
Empire BCBS

Orthodontic Treatment

For orthodontic care, we will compose a personal payment arrangement. Typically an orthodontic payment plan consists of a downpayment due at the time we take records and even monthly payments that terminate when treatment is expected to be completed.

Forms of Payment

Our practice accepts checks, cash, and credit cards with the following logos:

Still have questions?

Call 212.876.6475 or email our financial coordinator